Thursday, March 09, 2017

Escort Max Ci 360 Coming Soon

Escort Max Ci
Escort is expected to debut a new custom-installed (remote) radar detector this month. Called the Max Ci, it will break new ground in pricing. The base version with two front laser jammers (shifters) will retail for $2,995. 

With the addition of a rear radar antenna ($499) it becomes the Max Ci 360. The rear radar antenna allows the Max Ci to indicate the direction of incoming radar signals, a feature introduced on the Max 360.

Max Ci features:
  • Front and rear laser jammers
  • Four-color OLED display
  • Updateable IVT filter to reduce false alarms from Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) radar and adaptive cruise control (ACC) lasers
  • GPS
  • Built-in Bluetooth for linking to the Escort Live app
  • RDD (Radar Detector-Detector)-undetectable
It's claimed to be an all-new design that shares little with the Escort Passport 9500ci.  Like its forebear, the radar antenna is to retain dual forward-facing horns and low-noise amplifiers (LNA).

Escort Max 360 has a single front/rear antenna (above). The Max Ci 360 will use two antenna, one facing forward, the other pointing rearward. Each antenna module incorporates twin forward-facing radar antennae (horns).
Integral Bluetooth will let the Max Ci link to the Escort Live app without the need for an interface module.

Like the 9500ci a USB port is expected to be provided, allowing firmware revisions and updates to the Defender red light camera database.

The Max Ci/Ci 360 will be built on a new platform dubbed M7R and incorporating much of the Max 360 design architecture.  The rear antenna will be based on the 9500ci's front antenna.

Look for the Max Ci to arrive in late March 2017.