Friday, July 29, 2016

Tested: Escort Max 360 vs. Escort Redline XR

The Escort Max 360 (right) uses GPS to limit false alarms. In theory, that should make it quieter than the Escort RedlineXR (left).
In a test to see which is better at resisting false alarms, by rights the Escort Max 360 should humiliate the Escort RedlineXR.

Although priced identically, on paper at least the Max has an unbeatable advantage: a combination of GPS, advanced digital signal processing, a rear radar antenna and arrows that point toward the threat.

GPS alone should be enough to tip the scales. It lets the Max 360 identify and lock out nuisance signals causing false alarms. The technology also dials back sensitivity at lower speeds to further limit bogus alerts.

Under controlled conditions we tested these Escort radar detectors to measure maximum range, speed of response and the number of false alarms. Then we logged a few thousand highway miles with each.

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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Best radar detector?

"What's the best radar detector?" Depends on the criteria. But we can offer an opinion on which ones best protect against speeding tickets.

We compared test-winning windshield-mounted models with an equal number of built-in detectors. Prices ranged from $299 to $1999.

Included: Escort Passport X70, 9500ci, 8500ci, Redline XR; Beltronics Pro 500, STiR Plus.