Saturday, April 15, 2017

Escort Passport Max Ci Review

Escort Max Ci 360 color display in Expert mode shows the posted limit, current speed, radar band (Ka here), signal strength bar graph, the number of signals detected (1) and its direction (front).

We had to pause briefly for a reality check during a recent test of the Escort Passport Max Ci. After 15 years of testing at this site, we know roughly when to expect radar alerts.  And the Max Ci was behaving strangely.

By design our desert site north of Phoenix is a nightmare for radar detectors. The radar car is hunkered down in the middle of a plunging S-curve, the radar beam pointed uphill, off into space and away from the target car's path. Even without using its instant-on feature, the feeble signal often lets the radar clock our target car before the detector goes off.

Here the previous record holder, the Escort Passport 9500ci, routinely spotted Ka-band radar from 2,500 to 3,000 feet away, about triple the range of, say, a mid-priced Cobra or Whistler radar detector.

After several runs the numbers remained consistent; the Escort Passport Max Ci began shrieking a warning while the radar was nearly a mile away and still hidden on the far side of a hill.

This represents the longest radar range we've seen in years. Compared to the Passport 9500ci, the Max Ci had much longer range on Ka band and 27 percent greater range on K band. (The latter contributes to an abundance of false alarms in reaction to the Blind Spot Monitoring lane-change radar found in many cars.)
We took issue with some design features of the Escort Passport Max Ci, but certainly not with its performance.  Read the review.